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Swedish massage logan utah - tension release, headache relief, relaxation

Swedish Massage in Logan Utah

Swedish massage is one of the most common and most effective types of massage therapy. Though you may not know it by its formal name, Swedish massage is the traditional type of massage therapy offered at most spas and wellness centers. It is also one of the most popular and most requested treatments at are Logan Utah massage center.

A typical Swedish or relaxation massage involves a combination of gliding strokes, rolling and kneading motions, and gentle stretching of the muscles and joints applied with light or moderate pressure. The primary goal of Swedish massage is to promote relaxation and release muscle tension and stress.

Massage Therapy isn’t just a luxury experience.

Especially when a relaxation massage happens on a regular basis as part of your routine wellness regime, massage therapy  can have many benefits that reach far beyond relaxation and stress relief. A proper massage performed by a licensed massage therapist can also increase circulation, decrease anxiety, release toxins from the body, stretch and lengthen tight muscles, prevent injury, and increase flexibility. 

What to expect from your Swedish massage 

swedish deep tissue massage logan utah - relax sore, tired muscles and increase flexibility

After you arrive at your Logan Utah Massage appointment, you will be escorted to your massage room and private changing area. Your massage therapist will visit with you briefly about the type of relaxation massage treatment you requested and any problem areas that need attention.

They will then step out of the room while you fully or partially undress to expose the skin on the area of the body that will be worked on. When you are ready, you will lay face down on the massage table and cover your body with the top sheet or blanket provided. The massage therapist will knock before entering the room to make sure you are comfortable, covered, and ready to begin your treatment.

The lights in the room will be lowered and soothing music is usually playing in the background to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

The back, neck, hips, and arms are usually the first parts of the body to be massaged, followed by the back of the legs and bottoms of the fee. You then turn over (while being fully draped for privacy) and the neck, upper chest, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet are done. Your massage therapists will adjust the pressure according to your sensitivity and preference.

If you have only requested a half-hour treatment, only the back, neck, and shoulders will be worked on.

The massage therapist will uncover only the specific part of the body they are working on and then recover it when they are finished. At no time will the client’s private body parts be exposed, and inappropriate behavior from either the client or the therapist will not be tolerated.

Special massage oil will be applied to your skin to allow the massage therapist’s hands to easily glide over the body surfaces they are working on. In most cases, this oil absorbs into the skin to nourish and moisturize it without leaving you feeling like you need a shower right after your treatment. Depending on the type of service requested and your own personal preference, your massage therapist may also use a variety of essential oils to further promote relaxation and healing.

When your Swedish massage is finished, you’ll feel relaxed, energized, and refreshed. Be sure to drink plenty of water after your treatment to help reduce the buildup of lactic acid and reduce post-treatment soreness.  This will keep you feeling great and also help reduce any post-treatment soreness.

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